We’ve compiled some tips and tricks in a step by step tutorial on some easy, “do-it-yourself” touch ups and detailing that you can do at home to save some money. Give it a try, and if you don’t quite get the results you were looking for¬†bring your vehicle by and we’d be happy to price out a deal to suit your budget.


It’s amazing how many little scuffs and scrapes the average vehicle picks up in parking lots. With the right products and tools you can repair minor scuffs at home.


  • All polishing procedures MUST be done in your garage or out of direct sunlight. If your vehicle is too hot to touch it is too hot to polish or wax!


Over time many headlights will fade out or discolour with age. Follow these easy steps to clean off and brighten up your headlights. The process is the same as panel polishing with the 3 stages of polish. Products required: course/medium/fine cut polish, small power polisher with stiff foam polishing pad, clean dry cloth.


  • Repeat process with finer stages of polish until lens is clear.
  • To cut down on spray, spread the polish into the pad with your finger before you turn on the polisher.


Every engine gets its fair share of built up grease and grime. Below are some fast and easy tips and tricks on how to make your engine shine like brand new. Products required: running water, any bleach free heavy duty household degreaser, mild grade vinyl or tire dressing, wash brush.


  • Let your engine run up to operating temperature after water and vinyl dressing is dry. This will ensure all engine components are completely dry.
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