Steve and Paul Ash


Owner &  Manager

This father and son owner/manager collaboration has been teamed up in the shop for almost 28 years. Growing up, Paul used to wash cars and clean the yard for extra pocket change until 2004 when he decided to take an interest in the shop management side of things. Steve has been involved in the collision repair industry since he was a teenager. He was a collision repair tech through the 70’s and a body shop manager in Vancouver, BC for most of the 80’s. Steve moved his family up to the Okanagan in the Winter of 1989 and that is when the Neighbourhood Auto Body legacy began.

Trevor Van unen


Collision Repair Technician

Trevor joined our team in late 2016. He has been in the industry for over a decade and moved from a well established shop in North Vancouver. With incredibly thorough attention to detail Trevor is an amazingly talented collision repair technician. We are very excited to have him on our team.

Marty Coltrin


Refinish Technician

Marty joined the team in late 2016. He has over 20 years experience painting everything from big rigs and motorhomes to motorcycles and everything in between. He has mastered the “wet look” finish, outperforming the standard factory finish on every vehicle he paints. This guy has skills!

Carlos Jorge


Refinish Technician

Carlos is back! After a short hiatus Carlos has re-joined our team once again. Carlos started in the collision repair industry in the early 90’s in Surrey BC.  He has a natural knack that works very well with the PPG paint line, giving us perfect, mirror like finishes every time.

George Polychroniou


Collision Repair Technician

Don’t worry, we can’t pronounce his last name either. George joined the team in late 2016. He has 5 years of experience in the industry with an impressive passion for what he does. This guy literally eats, sleeps and breathes cars.

Frank Lyons - Automotive Detailer


Automotive Detailer

Frank has been with the team since July of 2014. Always eager to learn from the masters of the trade and definitely has a promising future in the collision repair industry. Frank is impressively thorough in his work and makes every car that comes his way look like brand new.

Terri Warner


Office Manager

Teri joined the team in 2015 and has been an amazing addition to our front end office operations. She has incredible customer service skills and is very thorough in her work. Teri has an impressive amount of patience putting up with all of us guys and we commend her for it!

Harry Schinz


Equipment Maintenance & Parts Management

Harry joined the team in the fall of 2016. We are very excited to have a ticketed electrician on staff to keep all of our equipment and building maintenance up to snuff. Harry is also responsible for all warehousing and management of parts freeing up time for our technicians to concentrate on what they are good at.

Andy Aust


Collision Repair Technician

Andy started his apprenticeship in Bath, England at the ripe young age of 14 and has been a collision repair tech ever since. He started with Neighbourhood Auto Body in the fall of 1990 and was their main man until March 2015 when he retired. Of course he can’t keep away and still helps out part time as he feels like it. Andy will always be the anchor of the team and the greatest man alive (if you’re not sure just ask him).

Bondo the Masscot dog


The Dog

Every team needs a mascot! Bondo is a Mastiff cross. We adopted him from the SPCA in Trail and immediately knew he would be a perfect addition to the team. He’s happiest when he’s shaking a paw, munchin on a cheeseburger and covering you in hair!!

Neighbourhood Auto Team Kudo's


Paul and production team posing for I-Car Gold Recognition photo, published in Collision Repair Magazine!

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